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Two Pet Pigs

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Picture of pet kunekune pigs Buddy waking up in the morning

Buddy getting his breakfast before he is put outside into the pigs run.

Happy Pigs Love Sunshine and Companionship

Picture of Pet pigs Geordie and Buddy enjoying lying in the sunshine.

Pet pigs Geordie and Buddy enjoying lying in the sunshine. Remember pigs ears and snouts can burn in very hot sunny weather, so alway provide an area of shade and possibly put on suncream over their ears.

Picture of Buddy and Geordie, pet kunekune pigs.

Buddy was always more aware of people coming up to see him and would wake up even when I was very quiet.

Picture of two pals together, pet pigs sleeping in the sunshine

Pals together, two pet pigs sleeping in the sunshine.

Picture of my collie, Tibby, watching our pet pigs.

My wonderful collie, Tibby, watching the pigs getting fed. Tibby was a retired sheep dog who we adopted and ended up being my best pal for 8 years.

Picture of Tibby watching our pet pigs eat lunch.

Tibby watching the small kunekune pigs.

Picture of our pet pigs eating lunch.

Our young pigs being fed outside in their new, not yet completed, run. Notice how Geordie has put one foot into his metal bowl to stop it moving about when he was eating out of it.