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14 day old Pet pig moved to big cage

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Picture of our 14 day old pig cleaning his milk covered mouth on a wet cloth

Picture of Geordie our 14 day old pet pig. He had now learned to clean his own face after he had drunk (slurped) his milk by rubbing his mouth on a wet cloth we would hold out for him.

Pictures of 14 day old Pet Pig

11 day old Pet pig in big dog cage

Geordie always like to be clean, especially after getting his snout covered in milk or food (we had started to supplement his milk with wheatabix by this time).

Picture of 11 day old Pet Kunekune pig.

I realise many people do not agree with hand raising a pig by hand, they maybe believe it is better to let nature takes it course. I am certainly glad we put in the effort to hand raise Geordie, and as he was always going to be a pet there was no harm in him getting very close contact with people. He has always been a sweetheart and continues to be a wonderfully friendly pig. At time of writing he is over 7 years old and enjoying life on the croft with his brother, Buddy. We also have his mum, Gretel, however they are kept separate as the boys (who are both neutered) fight with their mum, which was surprising to me.

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