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Cute Piggy - 2 day old Kunekune pig - Geordie

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Picture of Geordie as a 2 days old piglet

Kunekune Piglet - Picture of Geordie when he was only 2 days old.

Pictures of Geordie, as a very young Kunekune piglet

Picture of Geordie as 2 day old piglet

Geordie was so small when he was only a couple of days old that we used a plastic guinea pig cage for the first week before moving him into a bigger dog crate. As you can see he still had a lot of space within the small cage.

2 day old Kunekune piglet, Geordie

Geordie used to rub his mouth on the paper towels to clean his face after he had been fed as he would get milk all over his snout. It still gives me a smile thinking of him doing this.


Geordie just after his milk.

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