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Kunekune Piglets - Spot Geordie

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Picture of Geordie and Buddy when they were around 13 weeks old

Picture Geordie and Buddy when they were around 13 weeks old. Hint: Geordie is on the left of the picture.

Can you Spot Geordie in the picture below?

Kunekune piglets with mum, Picture 2

Can you spot Geordie when he was a one day old piglet?

Kunekune piglets with mum, Geordie our pet pig is in this picture

Hint - he is the piglet that is being held up to his mum to try and get him to feed. He refused and we had to hand raise him, feeding him every 2-3 hrs, even during the night. It was worth it as he turned out to be a lovely friendly (although sometimes grumpy) big pet pig who still loves his cuddles.

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