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Scotland Croft - Animals on the Croft

Pictures of the Highlands of Scotland and animals on and off the croft

Picture of Loch Watten next to our croft. Cattle on the grass fields next to Loch Watten, Caithness.

View over the fields to Loch Watten. Our small croft has views over this beautiful countryside in Caithness. Scottish Highlands in the far north of Scotland.

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Pictures of Crofting Life in the Highlands of Scotland

Kunekune pet pig - Buddy

Buddy our Kunekune Pig

Kunekune pig - Buddy looking smug

Kunekune Pig - Picture 2

Kunekune pig - Geordie eating his dinner

Kunekune Pig - Picture 3

Kunekune pig - Buddy sleeping

Kunekune Pig - Picture 4

Kunekune pig - Geordie half a sleep

Kunekune Pig - Picture 5

Chickens in the snow - eating breakfast

Chickens in the snow - Picture 6

Chickens in the snow

Chickens in the snow - Picture 7

Call Ducks (drakes) on the snow

Call Ducks (Drakes) on snow - Picture 8

Call Ducks

Call Ducks - Picture 9

Picture of our pet pig - Buddy, with snow on the ground

Pet Pig Buddy - Picture 10